Wormhole is a generic message passing protocol that enables communication between blockchains.

The above is an oversimplified illustration of the protocol, details about the architecture and components are available here

This simple message passing protocol enables developers and users of cross chain applications built by developers to leverage the advantages of multiple ecosystems.

What Isn't Wormhole?

Wormhole is not a blockchain itself, it provides a means of communication between blockchains or rollups.

Wormhole is not a token bridge, though there are protocols built on Wormhole that serve this purpose.

What can Wormhole be used for?

Consider the following examples of potential applications that are now possible with Wormhole:

  1. Cross Chain Exchange: Using Wormhole Connect, a developer can build an exchange that allows deposits from any Wormhole connected chain, massively increasing the liquidity their users can access.

  2. Cross Chain Governance: If a group of NFT collections on different networks wanted their holders to vote on a combined proposal, they could pick a "voting" chain, and use Wormhole to communicate votes cast on their disparate chains to the voting chain.

  3. Cross Chain Game: A game could be built and played on a performant network like Solana, and it's rewards issued as NFTs on a different network, for example Ethereum.

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Supported Blockchains

Wormhole supports a growing number of blockchains

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