Wormhole Gateway is a Cosmos-SDK chain that provides a way to bridge non-native assets into the Cosmos ecosystem and serves as a source for unified liquidity across Cosmos chains.

Because IBC is used to bridge assets from Gateway to Cosmos chains, liquidity fragmentation is avoided and liquidity for foreign assets bridged via Wormhole into Cosmos is unified across Cosmos chains.

In addition to facilitating asset transfers, Wormhole Gateway (FKA wormchain, AKA Shai-Hulud) allows Wormhole to ensure proper accounting with the accountant.


Wormhole Gateway is implemented as a set of contracts and modules.

The contract addreses for these components are:

ContractMainnet AddressTestnet Address

Wormhole core bridge



Wormhole token bridge



IBC Translator



Wormhole Core Contracts

The core contracts to emit messages and verify Guardian signatures are still required on each Cosmos chain that requires generic message passing. Notably, for Gateway token bridging, no core contracts need be deployed.

IBC Shim Contract

A CosmWasm contract that handles bridging into and out of the Cosmos ecosystem by translating between Wormhole and IBC message formats. It maintains a mapping of chainId -> channelId for whitelisted IBC channels to send packets over and accept packets from.

The contract supports transfers into the Cosmos ecosystem by receiving Contract Controlled Transfer VAAs.

The logical flow of this type of transfer is as follows:

The contract also supports transfers out of the Cosmos ecosystem by implementing an execute handler which accepts a GatewayIbcTokenBridgePayload and an amount of tokenfactory tokens in info.funds (which are the tokens to be bridged out).

The logical flow for this type of transfer is as follows:

Token Factory Module

A deployment of the canonical Token Factory module on Wormhole Gateway to create new tokens.

IBC Composability Middleware

The IBC Composability Middleware sits on top of the PFM (Packet Forwarding Module) and IBC Hooks middleware to compose the two together. It enables integrators on Cosmos chains to support both the Cosmos -> Cosmos and Cosmos -> External flows with a single payload structure.

It accepts a payload of GatewayIbcTokenBridgePayload and determines whether to call the PFM or IBC Hooks middleware by looking up the chainId in the payload.

  1. If the chainId is an IBC-enabled chain, it formats a payload for the PFM to forward the ICS20 transfer to the IBC-enabled destination chain.

  2. If the chainId is an external chain, it will format a payload for the IBC Hooks middleware to call the IBC Shim contract’s execute handler to bridge out.

IBC Hooks Middleware

A deployment of the IBC Hooks Middleware on Wormhole Gateway allows ICS-20 token transfers to also initiate contract calls.


Integration with Wormhole Gateway can be accomplished with a few lines of code and supports

  • Transfers from an External Chain to any supported Cosmos Chain, see Into Cosmos

  • Transfers from any supported Cosmos Chain to an External Chain, see Out of Comsos

  • Transfers between any supported Cosmos Chains, see Between Cosmos Chains

Into Cosmos

To bridge assets into a Cosmos chain, an asset transfer is initiated on the foreign chain with a payload that is understood by the Gateway, or more specifically, the IBC Shim Contract.

Once received on the Gateway, the asset's CW20 representation is sent to the destination chain through IBC using the well established ICS20 protocol.

An example using the SDK:

import * as wh from '@certusone/wormhole-sdk';

// ...

const transferDetails = {
  gateway_transfer: {                               // This is a simple transfer, no additional payload 
    chain: 4000,                                    // Chain Id of the Cosmos chain we're sending to
    recipient: "<cosmos-chain-recipient-address>",  // Address of recipient (base64 encoded bech32)
    fee: 0,                                         // Fee for transfer (0 for now)
    nonce: 0,                                        

const ibcTranslatorAddress = "wormhole14ejqjyq8um4p3xfqj74yld5waqljf88fz25yxnma0cngspxe3les00fpjx"
// Convert the transfer details to a Uint8Array for sending
const payload = new Uint8Array(Buffer.from(JSON.stringify(transferDetails)))

// Send transfer transaction on Ethereum
await txReceipt = wh.transferFromEth(
  wh.consts.TESTNET.eth.token_bridge // source chain token bridge address
  wallet,                            // signer for eth tx
  "0xdeadbeef...",                   // address of token being transferred
  10000000n,                         // amount of token in its base units
  wh.consts.CHAINS.wormchain,        // chain id we're sending to
  ibcTranslatorAddress,              // The address of the ibc-translator contract on the Gateway
  0,                                 // relayer fee, 0 for now
  {},                                // tx overrides (gas fees, etc...)
  payload                            // The payload Gateway uses to route transfers

// ...

Out of Cosmos

To bridge assets out of the Cosmos ecosystem or between Cosmos chains, an IBC transfer is initiated on the source chain to the Gateway with a payload containing details about the transfer in the memo field.

For example, using cosmjs:

const wallet = await DirectSecp256k1HdWallet.fromMnemonic(faucet.mnemonic);
const client = await SigningStargateClient.connectWithSigner(

const memo = JSON.stringify({
            chain:     0,   // chain id of receiver
            recipient: "",  // address of receiver
            fee:       0,   // fee to cover transfer
            nonce:     0,   // 
const ibcTranslatorAddress = "wormhole14ejqjyq8um4p3xfqj74yld5waqljf88fz25yxnma0cngspxe3les00fpjx"
const result = await client.sendIbcTokens(
  faucet.address0,     // sender address
  ibcTranslatorAddress,// receiver address
  coin(1234, "ucosm"), // amount and coin
  "transfer",          // source port
  "channel-2186",      // source channel, TODO: fill in once deployed
  timeoutHeight,       // 
  timeoutTimestamp,    // 
  0,                   // fee to cover transaction 
  memo                 // formatted payload with details about transfer

Between Cosmos Chains

Transfers between Cosmos chains work exactly the same as bridging out of Cosmos from an implementation perspective. The exception being that the chain id passed is a Cosmos chain.


Core datastructures that are used by the Gateway protocol.


The core datastructure of Gateway token transfers is the GatewayIbcTokenBridgePayload, containing details about the transfer that the Gateway uses to perform the transfer.

pub enum GatewayIbcTokenBridgePayload {
    GatewayTransfer {
        chain: u16,
        recipient: Binary,
        fee: u128,
        nonce: u32,
    GatewayTransferWithPayload {
        chain: u16,
        contract: Binary,
        payload: Binary,
        nonce: u32,

When sending a GatewayIbcTokenBridge payload, it must be serialized as json.

For a proper json, encoding The Binary values are base64 encoded.

The recipient for cosmos chain chains are base64 encoded bech32 addresses. For example, if the recipient is wormhole1f3jshdsmzl03v03w2hswqcfmwqf2j5csw223ls, the encoding will be the direct base64 encoding of d29ybWhvbGUxZjNqc2hkc216bDAzdjAzdzJoc3dxY2Ztd3FmMmo1Y3N3MjIzbHM=.

The chain values map to Wormhole chain IDs.

The fee and nonce are Wormhole-specific parameters, both of which are unused today.

For incoming IBC messages from Cosmos/IBC chains, the receiver field will be base64 encoded in the Simple.recipient field, and the channel-id will be included as the equivalent wormholechain id.

Fee Structure

The fees for using Gateway are minimal. At the moment, the source chain gas is the only cost.

Fees Required

  • Source Chain Gas: Gas fees on the source chain (e.g. Ethereum) must be covered.

  • Relayer Fee [Source Chain => Gateway]: The cost for a wormhole message to be processed. This is currently 0 but may change in the future.

  • Destination Chain Gas [Non Cosmos]: Gas fees on a destination chain (e.g. Ethereum) must be covered by either the relayer or, in the case of manual redemption, the user.

Fees Not Required

  • Gateway: Gateway doesn't have token-priced metering or require gas fees to be paid by the user.

  • Relayer Fee [Gateway => Cosmos]: Relayers aren't incentivized by user fees.

  • Destination Chain [Cosmos]: IBC relayers cover the processing cost on the destination chain.

See Also

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Wormhole Gateway is, of course, open source and the source is available here

The contracts that make this possible are available here

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