SDK Docs

Many applications using wormhole may require a frontend to interact with the underlying smart contracts.
Wormhole provides an SDK with utilities for developers that includes:
  • Tools for parsing VAAs and other Wormhole structures.
  • Methods for interacting with the Token and NFT bridges.
  • Methods for submitting messages and parsing Wormhole contract output.


The SDK can currently be found in the core wormhole repository here and is available on npm.
The SDK can be installed using npm:
npm i @certusone/wormhole-sdk


These RPC nodes are maintained by the Guardians to help fetch VAAs and query the Wormhole network.

Mainnet Guardian RPC

const MAINNET_GUARDIAN_RPC: string[] = [

Testnet Guardian RPC

const TESTNET_GUARDIAN_RPC: string[] = [

Testnet Guardian Public Key

const TESTNET_GUARDIAN_PUBKEY: string = "0x13947Bd48b18E53fdAeEe77F3473391aC727C638"


See the tutorial for basic usage


The typedoc for the SDK is available here
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