Wormhole Gateway Onboarding Instructions

This page is for any Cosmos chain developer that wants to enable bridging from Gateway, a Wormhole Cosmos chain that leverages the Wormhole Guardian network for easy bridging from Ethereum to Cosmos.

See here for more details on Gateway: The Gateway to Cosmos

Step 1. Propose Adding Your Chain to the Wormhole Guardians

  1. Open a new GitHub governance discussion under Wormhole Gateway by filling out the Cosmos Chain Governance Proposal Template - here.

  2. Allow 96 hours for discussion and governance vote.

Step 2. Join the Wormhole Discord

  1. Join the wormhole discord (link).

  2. Ping the moderator, Susu (susu.wormhole), to get added to the #guardian-cosmos channel.

Step 3. Establish an IBC Connection

  1. Allowlist your IBC relayer(s) on Wormhole Gateway

    1. The IBC relayer should generate an address via the wormchaind CLI - here.

    2. Post the request in the #guardian-cosmos channel.

  2. Establish the IBC connection.

    1. Please ensure that the trusting_period and trust_threshold parameters are set to the safest values. E.g. trust_threshold should be 2/3 and trusting_period should be 2/3 the unbonding period of your chain.

    2. See an example IBC relayer config for Wormhole Gateway below.

    3. Please see docs here on how to set up your own Wormhole Gateway node to connect your IBC relayer to. Or, you can see available public nodes on the cosmos chain registry.

  3. Share the IBC connection details in the #guardian-cosmos channel along with a request to the Wormhole Contributors to prepare governance for the IBC connection.

    1. Allow 48 hours for governance vote on accepting this IBC channel.

Step 4. [Optional] UI Integration with Wormhole Connect

Wormhole Connect is a seamless way to embed bridging directly to your app with 3 lines of code. Integrating Connect is fast, customizable, and brings all the functionality and utility of Wormhole right into your own application.

Please refer to these reference PRs to add your Cosmos chain into Wormhole Connect. Your PRs will need to be reviewed and merged by Wormhole Core Contributors.

Step 5. Add bridged assets to the Cosmos Chain Registry and other relevant wallet and frontend registries

  1. Permissionlessly attest the assets you would like to bridge into your chain (if not already attested) to Wormhole Gateway.

  2. Raise relevant PRs to ensure that explorers, wallets, and other UIs recognize the Wormhole assets when they are bridged to your chain.

    1. Example PR adding Wormhole assets to Osmosis Mintscan (example).

🎉 Congratulations! You’ve successfully connected your Cosmos chain to Gateway. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Susu on the Wormhole Discord.

IBC Relayer Allowlist Request Template

Hey @Guardians! Thank you for passing governance to support **[Cosmos Chain]** via Wormhole Gateway. We are very excited to integrate with Wormhole!

We will be using **[Relayer Provider]** as our IBC relayer to support the connection to Wormhole Gateway. Their address is **[Wormhole Gateway address].** 

Could one of the Guardians please allowlist this address so that it can submit transactions to Wormhole Gateway?

We understand that if this address misbehaves, the sponsoring Guardian can remove it from the allowlist at any time, which would effectively shut down IBC bridging to/from our chain and Gateway.

Thank you!

Wormhole Gateway IBC Relayer Config

log_level = "info"

enabled = true
refresh = true
misbehaviour = false

enabled = false

enabled = false

enabled = true
clear_interval = 50
clear_on_start = true
tx_confirmation = true
auto_register_counterparty_payee = false

enabled = true
host = ""
port = 3000

enabled = true
host = ""
port = 3001

start = 500
end = 20000
buckets = 10

start = 1000
end = 30000
buckets = 10

id = "wormchain"
type = "CosmosSdk"
rpc_addr = "..."
grpc_addr = "..."
rpc_timeout = "10s"
trusted_node = true
account_prefix = "wormhole"
key_name = "default"
key_store_type = "Test"
store_prefix = "ibc"
default_gas = 1000000
max_gas = 9000000
gas_multiplier = 1.2
max_msg_num = 30
max_tx_size = 180000
max_grpc_decoding_size = 33554432
clock_drift = "5s"
max_block_time = "30s"
ccv_consumer_chain = false
memo_prefix = ""
sequential_batch_tx = false
trusting_period = '14days'

mode = "push"
url = "..."
batch_delay = "500ms"

numerator = "2"
denominator = "3"

price = 0.0
denom = "utest"

policy = 'allow'
list = [
  ['transfer', 'channel-3'], # osmosis transfer

derivation = "cosmos

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