Wormhole Connect: Bridging Made Easy


Wormhole Connect is a React widget that lets developers offer easy, customized access to Wormhole powered bridges directly in a web application. Connect supports multiple forms of bridging including native asset bridge, Portal wrapped asset bridge, CCTP USDC bridge, and many others. Connect augments each bridge with gas dropoff (a transaction that leaves a user with extra native token so they can pay gas for subsequent on chain interactions) and gasless transactions (Connect relayers pay gas on behalf of users).

Check out the Github repository!

The Wormhole Typescript SDK allows you to implement the same functionality as the Connect widget, but in your own UI. For more information on using the SDK instead of Connect check out the docs.


Wormhole Connect is deployed live in several production apps. Here are a few:

Getting Started

It's very easy to add Wormhole Connect to an existing React app.

First, install the npm package.

npm i @wormhole-foundation/wormhole-connect

Now you can use the React component:

import WormholeConnect from '@wormhole-foundation/wormhole-connect';

function App() {
  return (
    <WormholeConnect />

Alternative: hosted version via CDN (for any website)

If you're not using React, you can still embed Connect on your website by using the hosted version. Simply copy and paste the following code into your HTML body:

<!-- Mounting point. Include in <body> -->
<div id="wormhole-connect"></div>

<!-- Dependencies -->
<script type="module" src="https://www.unpkg.com/@wormhole-foundation/[email protected]/dist/main.js" defer></script>
<link rel="https://www.unpkg.com/@wormhole-foundation/[email protected]/dist/main.css" />


Read about configuring Connect and more in the Connect docs!

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