Regardless of the development environment that you use, there are a few wormhole-specific tools you should know about.

Resource for looking at individual transfers statuses on mainnet and testnet.

Most developers find it useful to clone the Wormhole Core repository. This repository provides the Devnet Tilt environment, plenty of useful code examples and tests, along with some utilities which do not have an official release package.

Swiss-Army Knife Utility CLI tool. Excellent for creating one-off VAAs, parsing VAAs, reading Wormhole contract configurations, and more.

Libraries in various languages to help with interacting with Wormhole contracts.

The Wormhole Spy SDK allows you to listen to all of the activity on the Guardian Network.

Typescript SDK distributed on npm. It can greatly aid in writing frontend code for cross chain applications and utilizing the Wormhole Token Bridge directly.

API to query for VAA status and other network details.

Resource for parsing out details of an encoded VAA

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