NFT Bridge

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The mechanics behind the NFT bridge are nearly identical to the token bridge. However unlike with a transfer of normal tokens, an NFT requires the creation of only a single asset on the target chain. An amount is therefore not part of the payload. This also means an attestation is not required for an NFT transfer, as all relevant data is passed in the transfer itself.
The NFT bridge is ERC721 aware and translates the associated metadata from each chain's format to the format on the receiving side of a transfer message. Upon receipt of a transfer event, the NFT bridge will mint a token matching the target chains NFT standard.
The NFT transfer message is similar to the Token Bridge, and looks like so:
u8 payload_id = 1 TransferPayload
u8[32] nft_address Address on the origin chain.
u16 nft_chain Numeric ID for the origin chain.
u8[32] symbol UTF-8 Encoded NFT Symbol
u8[32] name UTF-8 Encoded NFT Name.
u8[32] token_id 32-byte Token ID
u8 url_length URL Length
u8[] url UTF-8 Encoded URL.
u8[32] to Address on the destination chain.
u16 to_chain Numeric ID for the destination chain.