Tutorial: How to send USDC from Solana to Ethereum

Sending USDC directly from Solana to Ethereum will result in USDCso (Wormhole from Solana) which will require an additional swap and hence another (expensive) transaction on Ethereum. Instead, to receive native USDC on Ethereum, users should send USDCet (Wormhole from Ethereum) from Solana to Ethereum. Here is a tutorial on how to receive native USDC on Ethereum using the Portal.
First, you will need USDCet (Wormhole from Ethereum) in order to transfer the token to Ethereum. You can obtain this either via Mercurial, Jupiter or Saber. In this example, we will use Mercurial.


  • Obtain USDCet (Wormhole from Ethereum) by using a swap platform such as Mercurial
  • Send USDCet (Wormhole from Ethereum) to Ethereum using the Portal
  • Success! You now have USDC on Ethereum

Step 1 - Obtaining USDCet (Wormhole from Ethereum)

  • Connect your wallet
  • In the "You pay" drop-down menu, select the token you want to swap
  • In the "You receive" drop-down menu, select USDCet (Wormhole from Ethereum)
  • Click "Swap"
  • Approve the wallet pop up
  • Now you have USDC (Wormhole)

Step 2 - Source

  • Select Solana as the source chain
  • Connect your wallet
  • Select USDCet (Wormhole)
  • Enter the amount of tokens you wish to send
  • Click "Next"
Note: Warning will come up if you have a low ETH balance as you may not be able to pay the gas fees associated with the transaction.

Step 3 - Target

  • Select Ethereum as your target chain
  • Connect your wallet
  • Click "Next"

Step 3 - Send Tokens

  • Click "Transfer"
  • Approve wallet pop up
  • Wait for 32 confirmations on Solana
Note: Once you approve the transfer, you must complete the transaction. If you navigate away from this page, you will need to complete the recovery workflow (recovery workflow can be accessed in the redeem tab or here: https://portalbridge.com/#/redeem)

Step 4 - Redeem

  • Click "Redeem"
  • Approve the wallet pop up
  • You've successfully sent your tokens and will receive USDC on Ethereum🎉