Tutorial: NFT Origin tool

Users may use the NFT Origin tool to help manually verify the authenticity of an NFT.
Note: The tool only tell you the origin of a NFT which can help you to verify it manually. It will not tell you whether a NFT is a real or fake.

For NFTs sent from Solana -> Ethereum

Using the NFT origin tool:

How to manually verify the NFT is authentic:

You can manually verify the NFT's authenticity via the creator address & mint address.
On Solscan, we can compare the creator addresses with another NFT on a verified NFT collection in a marketplace such as solanart.io.
  • Head to solanart.io & select the collection. In this example we are using Degen Ape Academy which has a verified collection of Degen Apes.
Origin details of the Ape that was sent over from Solana to Ethereum:
Origin details of the Verified Ape on Solanart.io
When you compare the two, the two creator addresses & update authority are identical so you can manually verify that the piece is authentic.

Example of a Fake NFT sent to Ethereum

For NFTs sent from Ethereum -> Solana

Using the NFT origin tool:

  • On Opensea, you can tell that this piece has been verified, hence is not a replica.