Video Tutorial: How to use Portal

1. Video Tutorial

Wormhole Video Tutorial - How to use Portal

2. Step-by-step instructions

1. Source

A) Select your source and target chain
B) Connect your source chain wallet
C) Click on "Select a token"
The tokens in "Featured markets" have liquid markets on the target chain. "Other assets" have no known liquidity. You can still bridge those tokens but they won't have any utility on the target chain. You can also check the in-depth overview of liquid markets here: https://docs.wormholenetwork.com/wormhole/overview-liquid-markets
D) Select the token you want to bridge over
E) Insert the desired amount and click "Next"

2. Target

A) Connect your target chain wallet
B) Select the target chain gas fee payment method
In this example, we use the manual payment method
For eligible tokens, users have the option to use the automatic payment method where the relayer will pay for target chain fees.
C) Click "Next"

3. Send Tokens

A) Click "Transfer"
B) In the Pop-up "Are you sure?“ click "Confirm“ Optional (in the pop-up window): Click the link and check for liquid markets!
C) In the wallet pop-up click "Confirm/Approve" to initiate the transfer
D) Wait for confirmations on the blockchain

4. Redeem tokens

A) Click "Redeem"
B) In the pop-up click "Confirm/Approve" to redeem the tokens
There will be four wallet approvals when sending tokens to Solana
SUCCESS! You've just bridged your tokens!
C) (For EVM chains) Click "Add to Metamask" and the token will automatically appear in your Metamask wallet. If you forget that step, you can also add the token manually to your wallet.